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Professionals dedicated to developing true, long term financial success

iINSUREme is a professional organization dedicated to providing unique and effective ways for developing true, long-term financial success.
We are committed to teaching and living principles of service, integrity and leadership by example. We place the satisfaction of our clients and the success of our representatives at the top of our priority list. To help fulfill this mission, iINSUREme has assembled a truly world class leadership team.

Our Team

Paul E. Langley

Chief Executive Officer

Paul has been a licensed insurance agent since 1999. Among his accomplishments are valedictorian, Eagle Scout, professional singer, top sales producer in numerous companies, Certified Senior Advisor, and call center owner. He lived in Montreal, Canada for two years and loves any opportunity to speak French. Of all of his achievements, Paul is first and foremost a family man. He is happily married with four children and his family’s happiness is his passion. He has a deep desire to improve the lives of those he meets and this is what drives his success. He is an “idea man” and, as such, has created multiple systems to help the average person achieve above-average success. In this age of technological automation, he believes a personal touch is what leads to long-term growth and high retention.

Jeff Montgomery Jr.


Jeff has owned and operated several businesses since 2003. He has been licensed and working in the insurance industry since 2007. The most important things in his life are God, his wife and 4 children, and helping others improve and succeed. Jeff has always had a deep desire to serve others however he can. He finds great joy in seeing others rise to their potential and accomplish great things. One of the ways he has done this is through helping others work hard and build business systems. Jeff also has a passion for music and inspiring people and helping them feel happy through song. He sings professionally and has started to write his own music, as well. He also loves high adventure activities such as skydiving, quad riding and motorcycles. He believes that life is an amazing gift that we can mold into whatever we want it to be.


Jamie P.

I referred my own policy to Dickinson agency and was able to save enough money from my auto insurance to pay my homeowners insurance with money left over for the year. I saved $1056 per year on my autos and $200 a year on my homeowners insurance.

Keith L.

When I got the outbound phone message I was intrigued. As a life licensed agent I wasn't keen on adding Property & Casualty to what I do. I was a "typical" customer of an Independent Agent in a Brick & Mortar local agency until someone told me about Costco's Insurance. I went to their website, entered my data and they saved me $800 per year so I was skeptical that i-InsureMe could do any better but they did and saved me another $1,100 per year.

Jorick G.

I helped Susanne K. save $669.03 on her homeowners insurance that she has had for more than 10 yrs.

John S.

I send out emails all the time to my prospects. I sent my prospects an email asking them for the opportunity to see if we could save them money on their insurance or provide them greater coverage for the same amount that they are paying now. I include the quote number in my email along with my agent ID.I had a prospect call in recently and they were able to save 300 dollars a year on their home and auto policy.

Ray C.

Just after joining I-insureme, my Lieutenant at my full-time job told me he was given notice by his current carrier that he had 30 days to find new coverage. I asked if he would allow me to see what Dickinson could do for him, even though he was checking with 2 other agents. He later told me Dickinson saved him about $300 and the others couldn't compete. He said the service was great, everyone was very professional and best of all, he saved $300 a month on his policies! I thought it was $300 per year. What a great first experience as an introduction to the I-insureme system.

Dennis R.

Being retired military, I was certain I had the best home and auto insurance coverage possible at the best price. I had insurance with them for 25 years. Imagine my surprise (and ultimate delight) when I priced coverage through I-insureme and found that not only did I save $634 per year, but I got even better coverage!

Lynmichelle K.

I am very impressed with the quotes that I have received for myself, my family, and others who have signed up to be I-insureme representatives. I am saving $250/year and I live in California. This savings also includes an increase in my insurance limits, so I have better coverage for less. My daughter, who lives in Colorado is saving over $3,000/year!

Rick W.

With I-insureme, my auto insurance was slightly more and my homeowners is exactly the same. However, when you subtract the income I am paid from I-insureme by referring just a few others that did see substantial savings, my insurance costs me nothing by being with I-insureme. I absolutely love this company!

Jerry G.

My brother Steve is the smart one of the family, Masters in Science and does cancer research. He wears a white lab coat and was sure he had the best insurance for his Mercedes and his Home. I was a little persistent with him, so finally emailed me his Declaration page with Allstate and his driver's license. I sent it to my Rep, Elisha, at Dickinson, and she worked with Science Steve. He asked several questions, Elisha was patient, and she saved him $500 per year. He bought me dinner at our next family Sunday night event.

John G.

As a licensed P&C agent who has built an agency the old fashioned way, I have found the iinsureme system to be far and away the best way to build a P&C business. The people, product and process are first class. Don't miss the boat on this amazing opportunity.

Keith B.

A few days after joining IIM as a Marketing Partner I set up an appointment for my auto insurance and saved $456 the first year. Then on renters policy I got 33% MORE coverage for the same price. Then just a week after that, my son saved $668 on his auto policy, but there is actually more to that story. I started talking to him about this on a Friday, and he at the time was getting a renewal on his policy by his agent, so on Monday his agent informed him that he was able to lower his policy by $960 for the year (he also has my 17 yr old grandson on the policy too)! I thought for sure that we would not be able to help him, but Dickinson Agency brought it down another $668!! My son got better coverage on top of that and then also did a renters policy! His total savings is $1628 over what he was paying!! I am a believer!

Sandy S.

When I got my quote, it wasn't a significant savings, only about $30 a year on my auto and $100 per year on my house. But I had a very bad accident last winter on icy roads, that totaled my beautiful "Salsa Red Pearl" Toyota Tundra! Because of my previous record and because I changed insurance companies my accident was forgiven and my rates weren't RAISED. I also enrolled in a "Right Track" program that was able to save me about an additional $130 per year, so altogether a savings of $260 per year and we upgraded a few items on the house for better coverage. So I am very pleased with the way things turned out for me. There's a great deal to be said for shopping around and my agent at Dickinson certainly knows how to do that! Thanks I-insureme for the opportunity!

Greg M.

I have been in the P&C business for years. I initially joined I-insureme for the sole purpose of being more competitive, which has been an understatement. Here are some of the more notable examples of very happy clients:
Saved $7,500 after switching from USAA to I-insureme
91-year-old client saved $629 per year
Family saved $2,500 per year
Single person saved $1,135 per year
About a dozen more...
This is such a no-brainer that I am now focusing on building an agency. The system I-insureme has put into place makes it so easy to build residual income.


You must be appropriately licensed to receive referral fees for any insurance products sold. For example, to earn referral fees on home, auto or business insurance, you must have a Property and Casualty license. If you sell life or health insurance, you must have a Life or Health insurance license, respectively.


PLEASE NOTE: You may refer insurance business prior to being licensed. Although you cannot earn insurance referral fees without a license, any clients you refer will be linked to you. When you do get licensed, you will begin earning referral fees on all new clients and any previously referred clients. Referring insurance business prior to being licensed also qualifies you for future agency overrides and bonuses, both of which grow whether you are licensed or not.

This sets us apart from most income opportunities, as it will filter out those who are not serious about creating a solid financial future. A person who takes the time to get licensed is much more likely to work harder, remain active in the business, and do whatever is required to build a long-term residual income.

Each state has specific requirements to get licensed which may include some or all of the following:

a. Online or classroom courses
b. Fingerprinting
c. Passing a state exam (70-75% or better)

Locate your state Department of Insurance online or contact them directly to determine your state’s specific requirements.

Each state varies with renewal times and requirements. Usually, your license is good for 2-4 years. When you renew, it is common for a state to require a certain number of Continuing Education (CE) hours.

There are numerous sources online that can help you prepare for the course. We encourage everyone to schedule the exam 1-2 weeks out FIRST and then begin studying. This will help to keep you focused on getting licensed.

I-insureme has teamed up with www.ExamFX.com to offer the best online study course.

For most insurance companies, you must be licensed in the states in which you write business. For example, if you write a policy on yourself, you need to be licensed in your state. If you have friends or family in another state that would like insurance and are not interested in getting licensed to insure themselves, you would need a Non-Resident license in that state. There are no additional exams required for Non-Resident licenses. It is usually a simple matter of paying a fee.

With the I-insureme model, all policies are written through our agency. Because we are licensed in most states, you are able to write policies in any state in which we currently hold a license. In other words, you do not need a Non-Resident license to write policies outside of your resident state. You must, however, be licensed in your resident state to earn referral fees within our agency.

Visit www.nipr.com and click on Producer/Agent under the Licensing & Renewal Applications tab. Then, click on Non-Resident under the Apply for a New License tab.

Most states have passed the Producer Licensing Model Act (PLMA), or a version of the original Act. This allows for agents to receive referral fees on business without obtaining a Non-Resident license as long as the agent is not directly involved in the sale, solicitation or negotiation of the insurance contract.

That being said, our model pays referral fees to agents that refer business to us (not commissions directly from the carriers). We sell and service all accounts and are licensed in all states in which we write business and then pay out a referral fee. Therefore, a non-resident license is not required.

Once you enroll as a Representative with I-insureme, you will upload your license to your back office. An I-insureme employee will verify the license and mark your status as licensed.

I-insureme is licensed in all 50 states.

Because all policies are written under the umbrella of our agency, you do not need your own E&O coverage. This more than offsets the cost of your membership with I-insureme, as this coverage is approximately $1,500 per year.


Personal Auto, Home, Renter’s, Dwelling Fire (rental properties), Watercraft, Umbrella, Motorcycle, ATV, Personal Article Floaters, Motorhomes, Antique Cars, Manufactured Homes, Condos, Snowmobiles, etc.

As an independent broker, we represent dozens of insurance carriers. This gives us a tremendous advantage over most insurance companies, as we can meet or beat the cost of your current coverage the majority of the time.

If you find that we cannot beat your price, we will look into adding your insurance company to our portfolio. This is not always possible, as not all insurance carriers allow for independent brokers to represent their company. However, because the concept at I-insureme also allows you to earn a referral fee on your own policy, you still have the potential to pay a net lower cost. 

For a complete list of carriers, please Click Here.

It is no secret that insurance companies try to attract safe drivers who avoid filing claims. This allows them to keep their rates down and still remain profitable.

There are four things that you can personally do to keep your rates as low as possible:

a. Be a safe and defensive driver
b. Avoid filing unnecessary claims
c. Increase your deductibles
d. Avoid unnecessary coverage (we can discuss this with you on the phone)

Once we have thousands of safe drivers with a lower claim per insured than the industry standard, insurance companies will approach us with even better rates than we currently have.

We can provide another quote from any of our other carriers, making sure you always have the best price. This also allows you to continue to earn a commission on your policy. 

One of the greatest benefits of teaming up with I-insureme is that we handle all of the quotes, paperwork, claims and the majority of customer service.

You may have a friend or family member who is covered through you and is not in the business. In other words, you are their agent. They will likely call you first with any questions they may have or if a claim needs to be filed. Your back office will provide you with client information, including your client’s insurance company and a 24-hour customer service number for claims. Whether you are an experienced agent or brand new to the business, you simply provide them with the phone number of the carrier. We are financially motivated to keep your customers “on the books”, so we will do everything to make sure they have a great experience.

The owners of I-insureme have been licensed since 2001.

As an independent broker, we represent dozens of insurance carriers. You will contact the insurance company directly that insures you. If you lose the contact information, please feel free to call Dickinson Agency.

Absolutely not. The fee to join I-insureme only applies to those interested in building a P&C business.

If a person simply wants a quote, they can fill out the information at the website of the agent who referred them. There is no cost to receive a quote. 


Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to do the following in order:

a. Join I-insureme and begin building your agency by placing ads, passing out business cards, pointing people to your site, and plugging into our turn-key marketing solutions.
b. After you have joined I-insureme, immediately review your personal insurance to see if you can get better coverage, better pricing or both through one of our carriers. You will begin to earn referral fees on your own policy as soon as you get licensed.
c. Begin studying to get licensed. We have a relationship with ExamFX to get you discounted study materials.

You will find that joining, beginning to build your agency and getting the best coverage for the best price will take very little time. After you have set that up, focus 100% on getting licensed within your first 90 days.

Active Representatives with a Personal Lines insurance license earn monthly insurance referral fees of 0.4% (4.8% annually) above the first $2,500.

Insurance Referral Fees are paid on or around the 15th of each month. We pay the same on both new and renewed business. You must have a Personal Lines license to earn Personal Lines Insurance Referral Fees.

Active Licensed Representatives can earn Insurance Overrides on the first $2,500 that any Representative refers thru 3 levels within their agency as follows:

L1: 0.4% per month (4.8% annually) times the volume
L2: 0.4% per month (4.8% annually) times the volume
L3: 0.8% per month (9.6% annually) times the volume.

Insurance Overrides on any volume above the first $2,500 are paid on all PSRs as follows:

L1: 0.1% per month (1.2% annually) times the volume

Qualifications for Insurance Overrides are as follows:

a. $2,500 in PV
b. 1 PSR

Insurance Overrides are paid based on Placement.  This means that you may sponsor a PSR and place that person on any of the 3 levels of overrides.  Whatever level your PSR is placed on will pay the overrides from that level.

Insurance Overrides are paid monthly on or around the 15th of the month.

a. Access to dozens of preferred insurance carriers
b. No need to pay for non-resident licenses or E&O coverage
c. Refer business in all 50 states
d. Earn up to 4.8% of annualized Personal Lines premiums for the life of the client
e. In-house licensed agents to handle quotes, sales, paperwork, and claims
f. Website
g. Back office to track the growth of your agency 
a. Proprietary sales and marketing funnel to track prospect engagement through texts, emails, voicemails, and videos
b.  Use our landing page templates or create your own
c.  Online ads that you can copy and paste
b. Live ABC staff to interact with prospects and hold 1-on-1 phone consultations

At I-insureme, we differentiate between Referral Fees and Commissions based on the level of activity involved in the sale of insurance.

A person who provides the quotes, fills out the paperwork, and any other activity related to the sale of insurance receives Commissions.

Because I-insureme Representatives are only involved in the submission of a referral (i.e., name, contact info, etc.), we say that they receive Referral Fees.

It is a common misconception that people who do not have a Personal Lines license can earn Referral Fees and those who do have a Personal Lines license can earn Commissions. This is incorrect.

Although there are some states that allow for a one-time referral fee to be paid to a non-licensed person, the majority of states require a Personal Lines license to receive any form of compensation tied to insurance – especially if that compensation is paid on a residual basis. Because I-insureme is in multiple states and because we pay annual renewals, all of our Representatives are required to have a Personal Lines license to earn Referral Fees.

PLEASE NOTE: A Personal Lines insurance license IS required to earn Insurance Referral Fees.

The short answer is no; however, we believe you should be a product of the product. It is hard to market a service you do not personally own (“You should really have this even though I don’t!”)

A qualified referral is defined as submitting information on a person who:

a. Currently has insurance
b. Has been with their current insurance company for at least 6 months
c. Has avoided any major moving violations (e.g., DUIs, reckless driving, no insurance etc.) in the last 5 years
d. Is willing to combine policies (home, auto, umbrella)
e. Is willing to switch if we can get them better coverage, better pricing, or both 

I-insureme and the ABC are open from 9am to 5pm Arizona time Monday thru Friday. (Please note that Arizona does not change with DST) IIM is located in Mesa, AZ. 

All referrals that you submit will have your Representative ID linked to them.

There are four areas that set us head and shoulders above the rest:

a. Our product is required by law to own
b. 70% of the time, a person can get better coverage, better pricing, or both on his/her home/auto/business insurance
c. You can earn a referral fee on your own policy and build a residual income by showing other people how to do the same
d. Our in-house staff of licensed producers will handle the quotes, sales, paperwork, claims and customer service on any insurance clients you refer
e. Our in-house staff of sales and recruiting professionals will help you build your agency

The Business Litmus Test Question helps you to determine if a business offers a viable opportunity based on a true consumer base or if it is a hyped-up opportunity based primarily on recruiting others to generate income.

Recruiting people into a business is not bad as it allows one to leverage his/her time through the efforts of others. However, if the income generated by the business is done exclusively through recruiting, high attrition is certain and the business will likely fail.

If a business can answer “YES” to the following question, then it offers a true opportunity for long-term growth and income:

“Would I, or would anyone, purchase this product or service at its current price, even if there were no business opportunity tied to recruiting involved?”

As you apply that question to the myriad of business opportunities available, you will find that most businesses must truthfully answer “NO”.

Now, let’s apply it to I-insureme:
Product #1 – Home/Auto Insurance: Is there a group of people who would be interested in getting better coverage, better pricing or both on their home and auto insurance even if there were no business opportunity involved? The answer is YES – there are 200+ million people who pay for home/auto insurance and most are looking for a better deal.
Product #2 – The IIM System: Would people be interested in a “system” to easily monetize home/auto insurance with their family, friends, and/or current clientele base? The answer, again, is YES – there are 60 million people who pay for home/auto insurance and are looking for a way to supplement or replace their current income. There are also over 5 million financial professionals, the majority of which do not have an easy way to monetize home/auto insurance when their clients ask them for help in that area.
However, because we do offer the realistic opportunity to build long-lasting, residual income, most of our representatives are interested in both building an agency and monetizing home and auto insurance.

Attrition occurs when people quit a business and the income derived from their subscription, membership, or product/service purchase goes away. This usually happens due to these 3 reasons:

a. The price of the product/service is inflated to pay out commissions to multiple people.
b. The business associate is buying the product/service for the sole purpose of generating income (not because he/she is truly interested in the product/service).
c. After a while, the business associate determines that the income he/she is generating is not enough to justify staying active in the business.

Here are 3 reasons why the I-insureme business model is almost completely attrition-proof:

a. A person who takes the time to get licensed is much more likely to work harder, remain active in the business, and do whatever is required to build a long-term residual income.
b. Our representatives are often able to get better coverage, better pricing or both on their insurance.
c. Our representatives earn referral fees on their own policies and can start to build a residual income showing other people how to do the same. We have shown them how to turn a mandatory expense into an ever-increasing residual income.

Yes. For details, please refer to sections 4.24, 4.27, 4.29, and 4.30 of our Terms.

The Company-Paid Retirement is a benefit offered exclusively to Representatives who qualify by:

  1. Obtaining a Personal Lines insurance license.  There is no time limite to obtain the license, but it is required prior to distribution.
  2. Referring 1 home/auto insurance policy (can be your own policy).

$5 is added to your CPR each month from your 1st personally-referred policy.

You can add to your CPR from the 1st policy that any Representatives in your agency refer as follows:

L1 Reps:  $5 
L2 Reps:  $5
L3 Reps:  $10

Vesting is 5 years.  

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