An Opportunity for Everyone in Any Economy

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As you search for the ideal income opportunity, try to eliminate the emotional attachment you may feel and focus on the facts. Here are a few facts that set us apart from any other opportunity:

  • Required By Law

    You are already paying for this because our product is "required by law" to own. How many other opportunities market a product that falls into this category?

  • Price

    Most income opportunities inflate the price of their products in order to pay out commissions to multiple people. Our price will almost always be the same or less than what you are currently paying and we still pay out several levels of override commissions.

  • Licensing

    In order to participate in this opportunity, you must be licensed. To some, this may appear to be a hurdle - something that could slow down the growth of their business. It is, however, quite the opposite as it has a tendency to weed out those who have a lottery mentality (i.e., pay some money to join, do nothing, and become wealthy overnight). Sadly, this idea of "get-rich-quick" is rampant in the home-based business arena and ultimately leads to failure. Licensing attracts those who are serious about building long-term wealth. It attracts people who are focused, goal-oriented, and willing to work to create their own success.

  • Become Your Own Agent

    You can earn a commission on your own purchase by becoming your own agent (lowering your overall net cost even more).

  • No More Headaches

    Our in-house service representatives handle quotes, paperwork, claims, and the majority of customer service issues. In other words, we eliminate the headaches of building a P&C business.

  • Professional Sales Team

    Our professional tele-sales representatives will help you build your business by answering your prospects questions, following up with them, and enrolling them into the business on your behalf.

  • True Residual Income

    The iINSUREme opportunity allows you to build true residual income that is virtually attrition-proof. Would anyone cancel their insurance if they were getting the best price, earning a commission on their own policy, and earning override commissions on thousands of other agents and clients? Not a chance!